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Piercing Information

What is piercing?

Piercing is a form of body modification that involves puncturing the skin and placing a decorative object through the puncture.  Body piercing has become a wide spread ritual among young adults through out america and other countries.  There are many different types of piercings and a number of different places to pierce.

Places to Pierce

There are many many places of the human body that can be pierced and now commonly are.

Ear- The ear is the most common place to get pierced by both sexes but other piercings are very quickly becoming just as common.  Currently there are ten very widely known places to get you ear pierced at:
   Outer Conch, Cartilage
   Inner Conch

Eyebrow- Many people are now getting their eyebrow pierced and I know of two such places to get them pierced at, although there are a number of different ways to get them pierced.
   Eyebrow it self
   And The Bridge

Nose- As well this piercing is become greatly common.
   Septum- Through the cartilage between the nostrils

Tongue- There are four common ways to get your tongue pierced.  The most common way is Centre tongue Piercing.  The rest are as follows.
   Centre Tongue
   Off-centre Tongue
   horizontal Tongue

Lip- There are very very many different ways to get your lips and the surrounding area of your mouth pierced.
   Standard Labret
   Scrumper- piercing the gum line
   Madonna- piercing above or below your lip to one side or the other
   Medusa- piercing above or below the lip in the center of the face
   Lowbret- piercing through facial skin below the tooth line to one side or the other.

Nipple- Both males and females are now commonly getting their nipple's pierced. There is really only one place on the nipple to get pierced but there area few different ways to get them done.
   Larger Gauge- Done through stretching the nipples to accept larger gauge rings
   Vertical- Piercing the nipples vertically rather than horizontally

Navel- Most commonly women get their navels pierced but some men will do it as well.  There are a few different ways to get your navel pierced.
   Inverse- Piercing through the bottom of the navel rather than the top
   Horizontal- Piercing horizontally through the navel

Male Genital- There are a numerous amount of different types of piercings for male genitalia.
    Ampallangs- Horizontally through the head
    Apadravyas- Vertically through the head
    Frenum- Through the underside of the penis near the base
    Scrotal Ladder- Multiple frenum piercings
    Guiche- Between the rectum and the testicles
    Hafadas- Testicles
    Scrotal- Scrotum
    Prince Albert- Through the urethra and out through the bottom of the penis
    Dydoes- Through the ridge and the head, usually done in pairs
    Prince's Wands- A stainless steel tube about 3-4.5" long, hollowed out and the inner end tapered and rounded.  The tube is worn in the urethra and is kept in place by a ball-ended stud worn through Prince Albert, Ampallangs, or Apadravyas piercings and screwed into the Wand.
    Pubic Piercing

Female Genital
  Hood- Through the skin directly above the clit
   Triangle- Through the skin at the base of both labia under the clit
   Inner Labia- Through the inner labia (lips)
   Outer Labia- Through the outer labia (lips)

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