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Beth's Story

When I was 14, I decided that I wanted my belly button pierced and decided that hey, it couldn't be that hard to pierce right?  Well, I ended up trying to numb my belly with ice (which did not work) for about a half hour and then tried shoving a safety pin through the bottom part of my navel.  It took me another half hour to get it through because I took breaks since the pressure really hurt.  Finally I had completed my first mission.  I wanted the pin to go through both the top and the bottom, so the next night I pierced the top.  It went a bit smoother than the bottom did.  That lasted a couple of weeks, but then one night, while I was sleeping, the top hole tore because I hadn't pierced enough skin.  A couple of days later the bottom hole got infected and I had to take my lovely accomplishment out to heal.

When I was 15, I took an even bigger step - BRANDING.  I had wanted a spiral on my chest for a long time but mostly to symbolize a lot of personal pain I had gone through.  One day over Thanksgiving break, I was at my friend's Sonya and Shane's house with my other friend Dan.  We had nothing better to do so we started shaping a coat hanger into the shape I wanted my brand to be.  We scraped off the paint and heated it up over a candle until the metal grew red hot.  I tied myself to the bed and had someone sit on my legs because I knew I'd be kicking and screaming.  We agreed to let it burn for the count of ten.  My skin sizzled and popped just like it was spam being cooked and I swore a lot.  We didn't quite make it to the count of ten, but surprisingly it didn't hurt enough to even make my eyes water.  My nerve endings burnt off in the first few seconds and I didn't really start feeling any pain until a week or so later.  The worst thing about the whole ordeal was the smell of burnt flesh and the disgusting discharge the burn gave off while healing.  But I never regretted it for a second and to this day it remains my favorite piece of body art I've seen.

When I was 16, I had my eyebrow pierced by my sister's piercing friend.  We did it at her house and that wasn't even a bit painful.  I have really thick eyebrow skin so it took awhile to get the needle through but it felt just like a pinching during and afterwards, just as if it were a bruise.  I wasn't phased in the least bit.  Earlier this year (I am now 17) I used my fake I.D. to get my labret pierced.  RECOMMENDATION: Don't get your labret pierced unless you really, really want it.  I had thought pretty much that all piercings were a piece of cake, it didn't really hurt at all.  Having a needle go through your chin is a different story though.  The piercing was fast, but my eyes definitely watered this time.  For days after I had it done I would wake up in the middle of the night just because of the pain.  After a few weeks, I had the piercing stud replaced with a hoop that goes through my labret and up and over my lip.  The piercer this time tightened the back of the hoop too tight, which squeezed my lip all day causing me more pain.  I finally took matters into my own hands and loosened the hoop myself.  I've had my labret pierced a couple of months now and it still hasn't healed.  But all in all I couldn't say I regret getting it done or any of the other things I've done myself.  I love my body decorations.  Piercings, tattoos, and burns are fun and exciting for me.  Maybe everyone should try it at least once.


One weekend while visiting my sister in Santa Cruz I decided to get my long awaited tattoo. I've wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember but I was always changing my mind on what I wanted. A couple years ago I was inspired to draw an amazing sketch of a faceless angle-type creature. Ever since then I knew that's what I wanted tattooed. I figured "Hey, it's my own art work and it's meaningful to me, I doubt I'm gonna get sick of this". So now it's about 3 years later and I was mad-crazy to get it done. I decided I wanted it on my lower back in the original size. It's a little less than half my back and is only black and gray shading. It took about 2-3 hours to finish and I almost missed my bus home. Don't ever let anyone tell you that a tattoo is extremely painful because in truth it's not. It feels like an electric shock that lasts a long time. The shading was pretty uncomfortable because it was going over already irritated skin but it was only mildly annoying. Nothing worth crying about. It only took a few weeks to heal and boy was I proud!! I'm now ready for a big dyke-looking tattoo on my forearm but I really gotta figure out what I want. I'm also in the process of stretching my ear lobes which is really time consuming but it should be worth it. A double zero gauge would be nice.


A couple of months ago I had my clit hood pierced.  I had wanted my clit pierced for awhile, and since I was dating a guy who was learning to pierce, I decided it was time to get it done.  NOTE: For the most part, clit piercings are not actually done through the clit. Your clit is actually a nerve that is almost  always too small to pierce.  Clit piercings usually only go through the skin "hood" over the clit.  Well, I went in, spread and let my boyfriend go to work.  It was his first body piercing and it didn't go too smoothly.  The pain would not have been too extreme except for the fact that he pulled the needle out before getting the ring all the way through.  Sometimes skin heals really fast, and almost instantaneously a thin layer of skin had healed over the ring.  You could see the end of the hoop through the skin, it just wouldn't go through.  The experienced piercer stepped in and basically had to cut the skin and shove the hoop all the way through.  It took about 5 minutes and was very painful.  When it was finally over over, the pain subsided very quickly.  The soreness and piercing crusties went away after less than a week.  It's fully healed now and I think whoever started the rumor that it's a constant turn-on is a complete liar.  I can only feel it when direct pressure is applied.

Three or so months ago I got my left nostril pierced.  It was a very easy  piercing.  It was pinch-squeeze-done.  It really makes your eyes water though.  Other than that I have no complaints about the whole process.  It was cheap, easy and fast.  One word of advice: If your going to get a hoop get one with an attached bead instead of a captive bead (one that can pop out).  I made that mistake and to this day I cannot get the bead back in the hoop.  I eventually switched hoops.  Trying to put the bead back in is just too difficult and painful. With that known - pierce away!
Stretching ears is not for the impatient.  It is almost entirely painless if you take it slow and only stretch one gauge at a time.  If you have the right equipment (like if a friend knows how to blow glass) you could do it at home.  If not you have to pay around 20 bucks each time (along with trading in the jewelry).  I've been stretching about 6 months and I'm only at a 6 gauge.  I have about 4 more stretchings to go until they're stretched to where I want, a double zero gauge.

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