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Morgan's Story
Morgan's Story

My tongue was the most recent piercing that I got done.  It wasn't really something that I had planned on doing.  Usually I like to really think about something before I get it done because I have to live with it for a long
time. But this time I decided to just go for it.

One day my roommates and I were sitting around, discussing the upcoming Valentine's Day and because the three of us don't have boyfriends we wanted to do something fun.  I suggested going to get tattoos and my roommate agreed. We were going to go on Valentine's, her to get a tattoo and I decided to get my tongue pierced.  The Thursday before Valentines we called to make an appointment and he said he could take us later in the day rather than waiting the weekend.

So the three of us (our other roommate decided to get a tattoo as well) hopped on the bus in a freezing blizzard.  I went first because I always like to get it done and out of the way.  I had to stick my tongue out and
get it dried off then put a freezing gel all over it.  After a minute my tongue was numb.  The clamp was put on (and it is true that the clamp hurts more than the piercing) I closed my eyes and the needle was put in, I could
feel it go through but I really couldn't feel it.  It was over before I knew it. He told me that before I left I would be playing with it and he was right.  I didn't even drool and my speech was still clear.  The only thing that really hurt was eating.  I kept thinking that I was going to swallow the ball when I was eating and my whole jaw was sore.

To keep the swelling down I took Ibuprofen every four hours and because I am a smoker then I had to rinse with a solution of Original Listerine, water, and salt every two hours.  I did have a little bit of a lisp when the
swelling went up but I just took more of the anti inflmatories and it went away.  My whole jaw was sore for the weekend but had pretty much went away by the Tuesday afterwards.

A lot of people will say things only about getting the tongue done to give good head and other stupid things like that but the truth is that I did get it for myself.  I love getting new things done to my body.  I think it's a self esteem thing.  It's like having a reason to show off your body even if it's only the tongue.

If there is anyone that live's in or around Peterborough, Ontario then go to Taylor's Tattoos.  Ken Taylor works out of his house doing tattoos and piercings.  It was my second time going to him and my roommate's third time.  He is a really funny guy and great to talk to as well as being extremely experienced, and the most important....he's clean!

If your thinking about getting the tongue done also make sure the barbell is made out of steel, and not anything else.  I was warned that some places skimp on the jewelry and some people get really alergic to the nickel in the cleap stuff. Also make sure the piercer has an auto clave or else they aren't clean.

I'm glad I got my tongue and would definintely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it, plus it's easy to hide if you need to.

E-mail me at if you have any questions or would just like to chat.
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