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My Story

I was 18 years old when I got my first tattoo, and like a lot of kids who still lived at home, I hid it from my parents for a while.  I was old enough and responsible enough to realize what I was doing but I simply did not want to hear any crap from my parents about it.  When my mother found out she was not mad that I got it, she was upset that I spent the money to get it and that I didn't pay her for car insurance.  I was not surprised at her reaction in the least.  My father's reaction I was completely stunned to hear.  He not only didn't care that I had gotten it but he also confided in me that he too wanted one.

Soon after my mother's death in 1997 I got my second tattoo.  I also persuaded my sister into getting her tattoo as well.  She was scared it would hurt and she was all into thinking that it was Against God, but after watching me get mine and realizing that the guy who did them was a devout christian she decided that she would do it!!

On Valentine's day I got my nipple's pierced.  It was an awesome experience.  The entire ride to the place was filled with anxiety and shaking nerves, but I knew that if I got there to get it done it was going to get done.  I never turn away from anything that I set my mind to.  In the room he measured my nipples, marked them, and sat me down to pierce them and I knew it was the right thing to do.  I felt so strongly about my decision and I just did it!!!  It was great!!!  Everyone asks the same question as soon as they find out that I did that: Didn't that hurt??   And they always grimace and grab there nipples while they ask.  I can't help but smile when they ask.  For me, it didn't hurt at all.  The first one was weird but not painful.  You could feel the needle going though all the layers of skin and it was the most enthralling feeling I had ever felt.  It was such a rush to know what the outcome would be when it was all done and over with, yet at the same time all I was thinking about was how it felt right then.

The first day was so exciting.  I could feel them and sense them everywhere I went.  They were always on my mind.  I wanted to show everyone.  It wasn't even as a sexual nature that I wanted them to see them.  They weren't just nipples anymore they were more than that.  They were not just breasts and that's not what I was showing them.  In my mind they had become something more than that. They almost seemed decorative now, to be placed on exhibit, to show the world.  I loved showing people.

I have never regretted any decision that I have made in these manners and that is probably the most important reason that I will NOT turn away from anything.  I want to continue to modify my body and do things that I like to enhance my physical as well as psychological being.  At 19 I want to get more tattoo's and I am thinking about other piercings, but I still keep in mind all the consequences that come along with these decisions.


After three and a half months I had to remove my right nipple ring because it began to migrate.  My body was rejecting the metal and trying to push it out.  I was very upset that I had to take it out but things didn't get better after that...  After five months I had to take out the left one too, for the same reason.  After crying for about a week (OK.. I just sulked a lot) I decided to investigate and find out why they both might have migrated.  I contacted a number of different piercing shops and asked for their expert advice.  The unanimous thought from all questioned said that it was likely to be either shallow piercing or wrong jewelry.  I have decided that it was shallow piercing, although we'll never know for sure why.  When I asked about repiercing and the possibilities of remigration, my answer was that most piercings when repierced will not migrate again if taken carefully not to use the wrong jewelry (most of the time they will switch sizes of jewelry when repiercing) and to move the placement of the ring deeper into the skin.

I have not come completely to a decision as to if I want to get them repierced or just go ahead with the realization that I HAD them done once before.  If I want to get them repierced a lady I talked to through e-mail is coming to Michigan in November and she already said she would do it for me.  I have thought about getting my tongue pierced though.  I have a friend who said if I do it he will too.. so just to get him to do it I will.  No, really.. I am really looking forward to getting my tongue pierced and I will hope to get it done in October.  (If financial situations get better)


Well, since nothing more in my modification has happened recently I decided that I would write about things that are happening around here now a days.  Just two days ago we had a nice little storm that left us without water, electricity, food, heat, and all the other fun qualities of life.  The winds were marked at about 70-90 mph.  It reminded me of the storms we had in June which left a number of people I knew really shaken up.  Here is a picture from the June storm of a tree that fell by Lake Michigan.Tree - Click Here


Ahhhhh!!!!  We've got snow!  Now it really looks like Christmas here and it's cold....  BRRRRR  Well, I guess it's not tooooo bad to have snow, atleast it feels a little bit more like Christmas.  Maybe now I can actually do my Christmas shopping!  HEHE  I really am actually going to go and finish my Christmas shopping today.

I asked my father for money to get another tattoo for Christmas.  I hope I get it!!!!  Considering the only other thing that I asked for was slippers, I think my chances are good!!!  Well, that's about all I can think of to write right now, I got to go shopping!


Well, My father did try to get me the Gift Certificate to the guy that I was going to get my tattoo from but he was closed down.  I found out a few weeks later that it was because he found out he had HIV, so I quickly went down and got tested.  I was slightly worried but not too much.  He had worn gloves and opened all of his needles and everything right in front of me but I wasn't taking any chances!  I'm fine!!!  With that all taken care of I had to quickly find someone else to do my tat for me.  I ended up running into a friend of mine that I have known for years.  (He's the guy that inspired me to get my nipple's pierced.  His was the first male nipple ring I had ever seen!!!) I found out that he's doing tat's now and he told me to give him a call and he'll give me a great deal on it.  So I am going to get that done when I get my taxes back in about three weeks.  I am so happy that I am finally going to get it done!!  I am going to get a sun with a moon inside of it on my right ankle.  What I have always wanted was an orchid but I have been having a very hard time finding someone that has one let alone one I like.  I am trying to find one on the web that I might like and see if I can get him to do that for me too then.  I might get two of them that day if it doesn't take too long to do the other one.

Just heard on the news that we broke the high temperature record of 1964 with a temp of 64 and we were at 69.  Also just got the news that in two hours we are supposed to have another storm with wind gusts around 68 miles an hour.  I am planning on another fun day with this storm!  I just hope that we don't lose our power again!  Well, I just wanted to keep you all up to date with what has been going on in my neck of the woods!  I'll write again soon.


Well, we got a huge storm and a lot of snow!  69 one day and 25 the next day!  It was shitty.  It's so cold... brrr  I met with the guy who's going to do my tattoo and he's drawing up an Orchid for my right ankle for the memorial for my mother.  I finally found one off the web that pleased me enough to ask him to draw it up for me.  I am really looking forward to getting them soon!


You got to love the IRS!!  They messed up for me.  They screwed up my year of birth and want me to be younger than I am.  As if it wasn't hard enough to try to make it to 21!  I am working on another guy writing his stories for you all.  He's got two eyebrow rings, four earrings, his tongue pierced, both nipple's pierced, and he just got a Prince Albert.  We should be getting pics of him up for you soon as well.  The Prince Albert will be another couple of weeks though.  He wants to wait till it fully heals first.  Keep checking back to see all the updates!!!!  I'll write again soon.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Well,  I know it's been a while since I last wrote, but things have been hectic and I've been sick.  My birthday is coming up soon and I am really looking forward to turning 21.  I am planning on getting my two tattoos in about two weeks.  I am so geeked about finally getting them done.  I am going to call the guy who's going to do them and have him draw them both up this week or next so I can see what size I want to get them.  My tattooer's wife and I are going to go and get my tongue pierced sometime.  I can hardly wait for that.  So many things in the making but it's hell waiting till I can get them.  Gotta' Go, need to drink.... After all it is St. Patty's Day!!!


Well, I will finally be 21 in 3 days.  That is so cool.  I am going down to Saugatuck, Michigan to go out with my brother.  He says that he gets to take me out since mom isn't here to do it.  I have got this whole weekend packed.  I am going out with so many people.  I just found out last night that my mom and dad would have been married for 27 years on my birthday if they had stayed together.  Damn, that's a long time.  My tattooer, Matt, drew up both of my tats for me and as soon as money starts rolling in I'll be sporting two new tats, (if not more).  I am so excited about my birthday that I must go now and start the party early.  Gonna have a few beers and hit the sack.  Happy Birthday to me!

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