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Tattoo Information

What is a Tattoo?

A Tattoo is a form of body modification in which the skin is permanatly colored by ink being placed under the skin in a desired pattern.  Traditionally tattoo guns were mearly a small sharp object which was placed in the ink and then pierced into the skin.  This method is most commonly used by amature tattoo artists and only used on their selfs and close friends.  Professional tattoo guns are built on the same concept except it is commonly powered by a small motor and controlled by a foot peddle.

Characteristics of a Tattoo

In order for a tattoo to be perminent it has to pass through three layers of skin.  If more layers are passed through and ink is deposited then the tattoo will be more painful during, and scar more after.  After they are done with the needle your tattoo will bleed slightly.  After all it is still a cut into your skin.  Then the tattoo it is covered up with a plastic bandage (usually nothing more than a strip of saran wrap) which is to be left on for about an hour or until the bleeding stops.  The point of the plastic is to ensure that your tattoo does not get infected by airborn viruses.  At this point the tattoo should be uncovered and cleaned gently with a washcloth and warm water.  A thin coating of Bacatracin ointment is applied twice daily for the first couple of days.  Many people will continue to put lotion on the tattoo after those few days to ensure that the skin stays soft and the tattoo does not fade.

Care of a Tattoo

A proper tattoo will completely heal in three days.  If you tattoo does not heal in that amount of time then your tattoo artist went too deep in your skin and it will scar more than normal.  It depends on exactly how deep they went as to how badly it will scar.  A new tattoo shouldn't be itched, scratched, or picked at, because doing so can cause it to fade or break open and become infected.  If your tattoo starts to itch, as most do, then you can relieve that itch by lightly slapping your tattoo.  (Doing this will not hurt your tattoo in any way and it does not cause pain either)  Try to keep you new tattoo from drying out by applying lotion occasionally and if you want to be in the sun for a length of time use common sense and apply a sunblock so that your new tattoo will not be agravated by the sun.  Sunblock also helps to keep your tattoo from fading after time due to the harmful rays.

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